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Getting out of Jail Without a Bail


san antonio bail bondsIf you or someone you love has been arrested you are probably thinking that you must contact immediately a bail bond agency San Antonio. The bail agent will guarantee in front of the court that he has the required money to pay the bail, and thus the arrested is released. However, you will need to pay the bail agency an upfront fee of about 10% or even 20% of the overall amount of the bail (this is the fee of the bondsman). But then, in case the defendant does not show up in court at a later date when scheduled, the bail money is taken by the court.

Now, there are some special situations when an arrested person can be let out of jail for free. This is called releasing the defendant on a P.R. or on their own personal recognizance. In such cases, you do not even have to deal with a bail bondsman San Antonio, because the judge does not set any bond, but just releases the defendant upon a simple signature.

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However, only highly trusted and respected members of a community can be released on a P.R. These are people who are unlikely to flee, so the need of a bail is ruled out by the judge.

The judge needs to be convinced that the defendant does not pose any danger to the community, and that he is a highly reputable and trusted person who will show up for the hearings. So who can get eligible to be released from jail without a bail?

-the arrested person has got parents, children, and other close family members that are living within the respective community

-the defendant has been living within the same community for long years, and he is currently working

-the defendant does not have a criminal record

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However, if you consider that a P.R. is not a possibility in your case, you need to talk to a bondsman San Antonio